2005 Valentines Special


The gang is framed for a series of kidnappings at Lover's Lane by an alternate Scooby Gang! 

Note the hand writing, I am told the signatures are of the voice actors. Although written differently, look for the similarity between Scooby's and Freddy's signature. (Both voiced by Frank Welker.)

Don't see the gang in prison garb too much.

I can't help but wonder about the numbers.......

The alternate Gang is Unmasked, 

and they are.....

Freddy - Frank Welker

Frank has been playing Freddy from day one! 


Daphne- Grey Delisle

Grey took over the role of Daphne after the death of  Mary Kay Bergman. She does really well. 
Daphne is surprised she was played by an "extra"

Velma- Mindy Cohn

Mindy has been voicing Velma for the WNSD series.

Shaggy - Casey Kasem 

 Casey invented Shaggy and has been playing him since 1969

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