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Dinkley: Celtic in origin the name means 'fort of the wood' Situated off the beaten track, Dinkley is unspoiled and possesses delightful walks, including that through Sale Wheel Woods to the Old Dinkley Ferry, now replaced by a low level suspension bridge. The Old Hacking Boat House is a reminder of when the ferryman would transport travellers accross the river (The Boat is now in Clitheroe Museum). Hacking Hall Stands on the opposite bank which was built by Thomas Livesey in 1607, part of the ferryboat's jetty can be seen by the riverside. The front of the  Hall has 14 sets of  mullioned windows. A public car park can be found here.


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Velma Lake

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Velma Oklahoma

A search for places named "Velma" revealed that besides Velma,
Illinois and Velma, Oklahoma, there are places named "Velma" in
Nebraska, Virginia, and Mississippi!

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USGS aerial pic of Velma Illinois ! 

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Dinckley Suspension Bridge


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a haunting here?


Dinkley Hall

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