The Librarian's Ghost

This fan-fiction was originally written by Gillian B in the summer of 2005 as an entry in a writing contest. Subsequently, she collaborated with Jaguaro and Amanda Dressel to produce an illustrated and slightly revised version. Sadly, Gillian died before finishing all the illustrations. Gillian's pencil roughs have been inserted in place of the missing pictures in Chapter 4.
Chapter 1 In which Velma gets tied up in her research, Fred learns about rugby and Daphne goes shopping
Chapter 2 In which the gang meet up again and discover that Oxford has an unexpected nautical side
Chapter 3 In which the gang discover that all is not what it seems in a college library and that walls have ears
Chapter 4 In which Fred and Daphne spring a trap, while Velma finds herself playing an unaccustomed role
Blue Rope

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