Role Play 

Mlle Dinkley has been nice enough to set some ground rules for this new forum. Please give them a read. If you would like to join a role play story, drop by Velma Chat on Sunday night. That's where we will be starting these stories. 

These rules will also act as "self editing" to keep the story from veering off onto a tangent.

(1)  (Most important). Characterizations are accepted at the narrator's discretion. For example, if the group is writing a traditional mystery story a-la SDWAY, and the person playing Daphne wants to
depict Daphne as a "football playing housewife," the narrator has the right to refuse that particular characterization. If the person in question objects to the narrator's decision, he or she may IM the
narrator to discuss the reason for the characterization rejection or to argue that his or her depiction of the character is germane to the story line.

(2)  An individual may act as a narrator or main character only once per month, (assuming that these RP's take place every week) or may not play the same role in 3 consecutive RP stories. This is so that
everyone may have a chance at being a narrator or main character. There is no restriction regarding secondary characters (villains or incidentals).

(3)  Conversation in the RP forum must be related to the story. Messages regarding characterization objections, plot objections or personal notes must be done through IM and not through the forum board.

(4)  NO bashing the narrator's characterization. The narrator is in charge for the duration of his/her story.

(5)  No SLASH stories, author insertion stories, MARY-SUES or violent death stories. Hurt/comfort or angst stories are permissible.

(6)  No libelling or maligning any of the role-players on the forum. Doing so is cause for dismissal from the game/cast.

(7)  Have fun. The narrator reserves the right to refuse an incident in the story if he or she determines that it is not relevant to the story line.

(8)  Have fun.