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Jan 21 20:29 Guest Enters
Jan 21 19:58 Bob Mozark Says- Have a good week, Luke. And if any of the others show up later, give them my regards.
Jan 21 19:58 Bob Mozark Says- Not much happening tonight. I am going to log off now,
Jan 21 19:23 Luke skywalker Enters
Jan 21 19:19 Bob Mozark Says- The score is 38-7
Jan 21 19:18 Bob Mozark Says- The Eagles are destroying the Vikings
Jan 21 19:13 Bob Mozark Says- I used to go the movies a lot -- especially for science fiction movies -- but now I mostly wait until they come out on cable or get the DVD
Jan 21 19:11 Luke skywalker Says- I seen the new King Kong
Jan 21 19:09 Bob Mozark Says- Sorry, I meant the new King Kong movie
Jan 21 19:09 Bob Mozark Says- I like most non-horror movies
Jan 21 19:08 Bob Mozark Says- As well as a low-budget action movie called Java Heat that was set in Indonesia
Jan 21 19:08 Bob Mozark Says- We just watched the new Godzilla movie on cable yesterday, the one with Samuel L Jackson and John Goodman
Jan 21 19:07 Luke skywalker Says- so what movies do you like
Jan 21 19:01 Luke skywalker Says- I just hope the scooby doo movies will never end
Jan 21 18:59 Bob Mozark Says- I see no reason why they would stop churnning out one or two direct-to-video movies a year.

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